3 thoughts on “Join us for our Special Worshipping In Color Sunday Service!

  1. Several things; do you have a newer choir recording? Does Rev. Lett do any more singing recordings of her voice?

    I was blessed some some winters past to attend UP Church, the year my brother disowned me. Her sermon, words, and songs, fortified me to survive his and others evil ways. I recall Rev. Let’s words, ” God is good and that kind of behavior is not good. So I don’t believe it to be of God”.

    1. Hi Justine,
      What is your latest recording of our choir? We haven’t made professional recordings in a few years, but we do have some great music to share. Rev. Della’s last CD, Give It To God, can be purchased at UP or on Amazon.com. She retired from ministry in February 2015, so she no longer sings during worship services. I will ask her about her plans to record in the future.

      Thank you for sharing your story. I know she will be blessed to hear how God worked through her to help you.

      Richest blessings,
      Rev. Sheree Thompson

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