Ponder the path of thy feet, and let all thy ways be established.

Proverbs 4:26   

I know that there is a God-Power at the center of every man’s being, a Power that knows neither lack, limitation nor fear, sickness, disquiet nor imperfection. But out of my personal experience come the negative suggestions which arise from the race consciousness.  If I permit them to, they act as a mesmeric or hypnotic power over my imagination.  They bring up arguments from every man’s experience, declaring that impoverishment and pain must necessarily accompany every man in his experience through life.

But I know that there is a Presence, a Power and a Law within me, irresistibly drawing everything into my experience which makes life worthwhile. I know that friendship, love and riches, health, harmony and happiness are mine.  I know that nothing but good can go out from me, therefore the good that I receive is but the completion of a circle – the fulfillment of my desire for all.  So, I refuse to judge according to appearances, either mental or physical, no matter what the thought says, or what the appearance seems to be.

Today I acknowledge the presence and the power of the living Spirit and I invite it to lead me into pathways of peace, of health and happiness and wholeness.  I permit the Divine Spirit to lead me into the Garden of Eden for I know that in this Garden there grows the fruit of peace and joy and happiness.  And I know that the River that waters this Garden flows from the heart of eternal love.  As I bathe in this River of Life, I permit everything to be washed away that does not belong to the Kingdom of Good. 

There is always a higher Power.  Upon this Power I rely with absolute confidence that it will never fail me.  I have dominion over all apparent evil, which is merely a belief I no longer indulge in.  I repudiate all its claims, cast out every fear accompanying the belief in it, and continuously exercise the dominion which rightfully belongs to me. 

Taken from “Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

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