The footsteps of those who dwell with the god of light are set free.

Book of the Dead

Now and always I recognize that I live, move and have my being in God.  I am part of Universal Mind.  I am one with Universal Substance.  All the qualities and all the wealth of good and desirable things that exist in Universal mind are mine now.  I perceive, accept and experience them.  I know that that Presence which manifests in my heart and mind is God expressing Himself within me.  As I feel this Presence more and more I hear the Song of Joy deep within.  Always when I am still I hear the Song of Life pouring through my consciousness.  I have only to listen for it is always there.

The Father and I are one.  This I know to be the truth of my being.  I open my mind and my heart to the inflow of the Divine Spirit and know that the presence of God flows through my being with perfect action and in perfect unity with good.

With this knowledge, this assurance that the loving Presence is always here – “closer to me than breathing, nearer than hands and feet” – I have nothing to fear.  I feel this loving protection around me, and I know that it is not only a Song of Joy, but a Song of Love and Protection.  I tune out all dull, negative ideas, and tune in with the sunshine of life, with brightness and laughter, with the joyous Presence that is Life itself.  I now lay aside all anxiety, all striving, and let the Law bring my good to me.  I joyfully anticipate greater abundance, more success and more joy.  Joy wells up within my heart and Life sings through me in radiant ecstasy.  

Taken from “Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

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