When Heaven and Man exert their powers in concert, all transformations have their commencements determined.

The Texts of Taoism 

God could not withhold Himself from me.  That which is He has given fully unto me to enjoy. The life of God is perfect, it is eternal, it is the essence of all things.  That life is God’s gift to me.  Therefore, this fullness is within me, ready to manifest through me as I partake of it.  Since I am self-choosing, even though Divinely endowed, I partake of my Divinity only as I let it through; I am always in the midst of plenty everywhere.  I know that I live in a changeless Reality. I am not disturbed by the passage of time, the movement around me, or the variations of experience through which I go.  Something within me remains immovable and says, “Be still and know that I am God.”

There is no here and there to the Spirit, for both are included within Itself, even as yesterday, today and tomorrow are but passing events in Its unitary wholeness, even as big and little are but outlines.  The manifest universe is an expression of that which transcends time, overshadows eternity, encompasses all form, and remains stable within that which forever flows.

I now consciously draw upon the life which is mine.  I now reeducate myself definitely, by whatever steps I may, to a belief that there is given unto me a fullness of life which is Divine in its origin, eternal in its presence, and always fully available. The life of the Father is my life.  The infinite richness of the Father is mine.  All things which proceed from Him may be mine.  I now claim them.  The act of taking is my right and privilege.  I exercise it now intelligently and in full faith.

Taken from “Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

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