nov-16-2015The wisest man who ever lived told us that the knowledge of truth shall make us free.  All books of spiritual wisdom have taught us that it is not the one who makes the mistake whom we should seek to destroy; it is the mistake itself which must be erased.  This means that evil has no existence in itself and has no history.  No matter what the negations of yesterday may have been, the affirmations of today rise triumphant and transcendent over them.  Thus all the evils of our yesterdays disappear into their native nothingness.

If we behold beauty instead of ugliness, then beauty will appear.  If we persist in seeing the true rather than the false, then that which is true will appear.  Let us, then, cease weeping over the shortcomings and mistakes and evils of our yesterdays, and steadfastly beholding the face of the great and divine Reality, let us resolve to walk in the light wherein there is no darkness.

Definitely I know that every negative condition of the past is cleared from my consciousness.  I no longer think about it, see it, or believe in it.  Nor do I believe that it has any effect whatsoever in my experience.  Yesterday is not, tomorrow is not, but today, bright with hope and filled with promise, is mine.  Today I live.

I now surrender every doubt and fear, every thought of confusion or uncertainty, into the keeping of the Divine Spirit.  I lose all sense of limitation, lack and want into the Divine Abundance.  I lift up the bowl of my acceptance and know that it is filled from the wholeness of plenty.  I let God, the supreme Intelligence, guide and direct me.

Taken from “Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker


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