nov-15-2015My body, and every part of it, is made of pure Substance – God. It cannot deteriorate.  This instant this Infinite Substance within me, that is constantly flowing through me, takes form in the likeness of perfect, whole, complete cells.  Every cell of my body is strong and healthy, filled with life and vitality, strength and cleanliness.  My body (Spirit in form) knows no time, knows no degree; it knows only to express fully, instantaneously.

The Divine Presence, being everywhere and filling all space, must be in me.  It must be that which I really am.  I recognize It is within me and It is that which I am. I let this recognition of my indwelling Divinity flow through my entire consciousness.

I know that my body is renewed, revitalized, remade.  All the energy, action and vitality in the universe is pouring through it, and I know every action, every organ and function of this body is created in the wisdom of God and maintained by the power of God.

I let this thought reach down into the very depths of my being.  I rejoice in my Divinity.  I am now made vigorous and hardy.  I have the stamina of the Infinite.  I am sturdy and robust.  I am fortified with God’s perfection and right action.  I am whole and able bodied.  Al the life of the universe is my life.  All the strength of the universe is my strength.  All the power of the universe is my power.  Every breath I draw fills me with perfection, vitalizes, upbuilds and renews every cell of my body.  I am born in Spirit and of Spirit, and I am Spirit made manifest this instant.

Taken from “Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker


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