“There is One Mind, and all the powers and privileges which lie in any, lie in all; and I, as a man, may claim and appropriate whatever of true or fair or good or strong has anywhere been exhibited.”


The universe is a spiritual system, and it gives to all people alike.  God in His creation knows neither great nor small.  It knows me only as an outlet of Its Ideas and Its Love.  To me is given all power in mind and in control of matter.  My authority is from on high, and the material thought of man cannot negate it. I stand in control of situations, I experience.  As my thinking determines my control of situations, I now assume my Divine Prerogative and think only of the things I desire.  No evil can withstand my determined spiritual mentation.  The gates of hell may open, but the windows of heaven shall still outpour me a blessing and triumph will always be mine.

In the One Mind I am an unlimited action of Intelligence, Power and Love.  This is my Birthright.  This is the Divine Legitimacy of my being.  To this end was I created, and for this cause have I come into the world.  I bear witness to perfect Life, complete Wisdom and ever unfolding possibilities of greatness.  I remain forever unconditioned and free.  My selection of Truth now determines my demonstration of health, peace and prosperity.  Knowing only God and His permanent goodness, I can select only that which will unfold my capacities and enlarge my usefulness.  Today, I definitely do this.

I refuse to believe in evil, to experience it, or to speculate upon its possibility.  All the sense testimony which can be arrayed in favor of evil is a useless argument.  I have set my eyes on the Good.  I have established heaven in my consciousness, and there is no power in darkness and ignorance.  The Light of Life is mine and in me It illumines my mind and maintains my faith.  God alone is my beginning, continuity and conclusion.  Love alone is my outer experience, and prosperity pours into my experience in profusion.  I have selected that which will endure, and God giveth the increase.


Taken from “365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker



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