JUNE 2        


“The life of the soul in conscious union with the infinite shall be for thee the only real existence.” 


I live in God, the one Mind, the one Principle and the one Truth.  Body, world and material conditions are secondary to my consciousness, which is forever active in God’s Mind.  I am a mental being in a universe of mind-action, and the Law of Mind is mine to use in ways of righteousness and in ways of peace.  One with the Infinite I walk the pavements of time untouched by error and upheld by the Spirit.  From me proceeds the good, and to me comes the divine.  All of Life is now offering Itself to me, and I drink deeply of its healing waters.  My thirst for Truth is quenched, as I realize the Truth of myself as God made visible. 

The material world is not my prison, and my work is not my supply. I am the conscious director of my life, and destiny depends upon me for its fulfillment.  I am the creator of circumstances, not their victim.  I sow the good and reap the plenty.  I give out that which is of God and take in that which is of good report.  One with His perfect mind I rejoice in thinking the ever-expanding Idea of Truth.  Time and space are my tools, and thought is my only creative power.  Unbound and free, I live with ease in my knowledge of God and of His eternal presence in my fellowman.  Duality erased is unity made manifest.  My one good is God, and my one action is Good.

I walk as a person of Power.  I act as a person of Love.  I speak as the Voice of Truth.  I live as an example of what God can do in man.  Within me there is peace and around me there is right action.  The Almighty is my strength and I never fail my highest ideal.  True to all that God expects me to be, I live in right relationships with all whom I meet.  I am a blessed experience to my friends, co-workers and family.  God is visible in all that I do, say or think.  Today is my opportunity to reveal my real Self. 

Taken from “365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

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