JUNE 1     


“Thou shalt not profess that which thou dost not believe.  Thou shalt not heed the voice of man when it agrees not with the voice of God in thine own soul.” 


To profess is easy, to practice is not easy.  All people proclaim their belief in God, but they rely on material help in every problem and pray as a last resort.  I now take my stand with myself.  I have no one other with whom to deal.  I am in my own world, and I now place God at the center and know that good appears at the circumference.  I refuse to declare my faith in God and still continue in my old material patterns of behavior. Today, the Lord becomes my physician, my lawyer, my counselor and my co-worker.  I lean not on my own understanding; I depend on Him who projected me as His own.  I shout from the housetops my own divinity.  I cry out to all, my dependence on the indwelling Spirit.

I am not a metaphysician in name only, I practice when I believe.  I pray my way out of every problem, and prove God in every experience.  The confines of my thinking extend to include the good of all.  I truly practice the Brotherhood of Man.  I see each soul as God sees him, and declare that his place in my life is one of blessing.  I am not under the material influence of nations, economic levels, nor world conditions.  I am an independent creation of a perfect Mind living in the atmosphere of my own consciousness.  What I decree in mind is my experience in the world.  I know but one Standard and one Principle – the Truth.  To these I dedicate my thought, my motives and my responses.

Within me is the true Mind of the Spirit.  It invites me to partake of Its ideas, and to prosper in all my ways.  It whispers thoughts that are contrary to human opinions and worldly wisdom.  But, I listen to the inner Wisdom and act in accordance with It.  No man can dissuade me, no group can alarm me.  I know the right, and I do the right.  I am true to my highest knowledge of God and to my greatest vision of Spiritual Man.  I am undaunted by others; I am true to my belief.   

Taken from “365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

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