To be in accord with the eternal means to be enlightened.

The Tao Te Ching

All that God is, man can reveal in his individual world.  All the ideas of Good are within man’s consciousness seeking outlets through him.  Knowing this, I now behold myself as a distributing center of Divine Activity.  I know that Truth comes to me in order that I shall release it in my world and be a blessing to my fellowman.  I accept this joyous responsibility, and the words of my mouth are henceforth acceptable to God and to man.  Each sentence I utter is potent with Love, Wisdom and Goodness.  I speak the Christ word with poise, assurance and power.

Through the meditations of my heart I give Truth to my loved ones, friends and fellow employees.  I think of the Ideas of God, and with a refreshed mind I release these thoughts in scientific prayer to all whom I know.  I contemplate health, abundance and peace, and know these belong to every man.  I definitely direct my thoughts to bless and heal my companions along the way.  I let myself be a channel of healing, an instrument of the Almighty. Divine Love in the midst of me is released by me in vision.  From the Divine Center within me Love flows out through my world, and the glory of God is made manifest in all whom I know.

The Holy Spirit of Right Action is my gift to every man this day.  Each person who meets me is seen rightly by me.  I see the good, the true and the perfect in him.  God’s Christ at the center of each soul calls to me for recognition and praise.  I give my silent acknowledgement of good to all, and they respond with joy.  Through me God gives of Himself, and nothing within me impedes this action.  I let God bless His world through me today.


Taken from “Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

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