But thou art the same, and thy years have no end.

Psalm 102:27

The Life of God is the life of man, for there is only one Life.  This Life must be perfect, for It is the action of a perfect Intelligence and a beneficent Power.  The Mind which acts as Life, being a unity, could not conceive disease, for such would destroy its unity.  Therefore, Life is perfect, spiritual and eternal.  I am the expression of Life, so there can be nothing in me but perfect health at every instant.  Disease cannot operate in me, for I refuse to let it.  I recognize illness as unnecessary and a failure on my part to know my life as the Life of God.

I believe in One God, so all life must be one Life.  There cannot be a sick life and a well life.  There is only one life, acting in one way, as health, vitality and freedom of action.  This is my life now, and I rejoice in it.  My body is eternally made new by it, and my consciousness is eternally refreshed by it.  Every cell that is not perfectly expressing God’s Life is now cleaned, renewed and restored by my right thought about Life.

Life cannot know age; It does not measure time.  Life can only act in my body in one way, as health.  Life, being greater than I and wiser than I, cannot be defeated by my wrong thinking.  It always is Itself, and upon my recognition, It becomes Its perfect health in me.  This is now true, and my health is permanent and complete.  My thought is dedicated to health, and my emotions respond to health.  Regardless of all so-called material causation of disease, I stand firmly in mind on the platform of health.  I refuse to believe that any situation or condition can make me ill.  God is my health, now and forevermore.


Taken from “Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

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