August 11


When the mind is cleaned by the grace of wisdom, he is seen by contemplation – the One without parts.

Mundaka Upanishad

God is Mind, and I exist in a universe of mind-action.  My thought and my feeling are now governed and controlled by the Spirit within me.  Gone are all my doubts and fears.  Gone are all my false conclusions about Life.  I know, and know that I know, that Life, Love and Wisdom are within me.

The Life that I live is perfect in purpose and perfect in plan.  I align my thinking with Life’s purpose and I live in accordance with Its plan.  My expectancy is great, for I know the law of mind, and I know that right results are now appearing.  I rejoice in health.  I rejoice in strength.  I rejoice in vitality.  Only increased creative activity is before me, and I am equal to every situation that Life offers me.

The Love that is mine to give is from God, and I give it into my world with ease.  I love to love with the love of God.  I love to free my fellowman in love.  I love to feel that all people everywhere are one with me, and are a blessing to me.  This deep inner Love gives me peace of mind.  It gives me a feeling of being worth while.  It makes me know that I am loved by others.  All Love is mine to give this day.

The Wisdom of God is the true inner motive of my consciousness.  I make right decisions.  I think clearly and I act wisely.  I have order in my mind and in my affairs.  Al things work together for good, because the Wisdom of the Infinite Mind is my wisdom now.  I live with ease, for my thinking is right, and my world responds to my decisions.  I claim good judgment.  I claim the Integrity of God as mine today.

Taken from “ 365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes & Raymond Charles Barker  

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