Ye shall know them by their fruits.

Matthew 7:16

I have faith that God, the Good, is all there really is.  Always, I am supported by the action of Good, the action of God.  Problems are merely the acknowledgment of the power of evil.  I now refuse to believe that any situation can confuse me, make me sick, or limit me.  Either I live in God, or I live in nothing but material belief.  I now choose to live in God, and immediately I renounce every thought of negation.  I assume victory over my world, my body and my finances.  God in the midst of me is victorious over the doubts of my mind.  Joyous accomplishment saturates my life, and victory is mine now.

I let Divine Ideas work in me, for I know they are powerful and quick to accomplish their ends.  They arrive in my consciousness equipped to demonstrate themselves, and I give them my loving attention.  God’s Ideas functioning within me are my only source of power, health and peace. These alone make my life victorious and undaunted.  I meet every hour of this day with a deep inner conviction that I am spiritually able to handle every situation with poise.  Order prevails; love is in control; and peace is the result.

I face all problems with inspiration and an expectancy of handling them with ease.  I know that from a center within me, I control the events around me.  I am calm and victorious at the center, and therefore my world is calm and victorious at the circumference.  Christ is me is my hope of glorious achievement, and around me all things work together for good.  Inspired by Divine Mind, I act with wisdom in all matters.  Enfolded in Divine love, I handle all personalities with love and understanding.  Undaunted by things and people, I am always in control of my life, and victory is forever mine.  Today is the day of Spiritual Victory.  

Taken from “ 365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes & Raymond Charles Barker  

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