For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory forever, Amen.   

Matthew 6:13

Established in Truth, I see God everywhere.  Around me, within me, beneath me, above me – God is the reality of my being.  I live in a perfect Presence.  I am acted upon by a perfect Power.  I am living a life Divine.  The glory of the Lord is upon me, and I appreciate my blessings.  In my experience today the kingdom, the power and the glory of Truth are dominant.  Victory for me is certain, for God permeates my world.

This victory is easy, for within me there is a Divine Center that knows no evil, and cannot accept evil.  As I relax from all tension and let His Mind rule my thinking, I find that all things work together for good.  There is no battle to be fought, for Life moves through me with direction and purpose, and I let my good happen.

I speak with the voice of Truth, and my words establish good.  I hear only the Truth, and my mind is centered in peace.  I feel the encircling presence of Love.  I know that life is worthwhile, and I enjoy every moment of it.  Unceasing joy is my lot, for I am finding God everywhere.  My present world is heaven, and I live in it as a spiritual being.

I delight in finding good everywhere I look.  I enjoy the feeling of spiritual security.  I am free of fear, and strong in faith.  I know that only God acts in my life today.  Unto me is revealed the riches of the kingdom of heaven.  All power is given unto me to use rightly.  Glorious opportunities unfold before me.  The eternal Mind whispers in my ear the sweet Ideas of Truth.  I am free of the past, at peace in the present, and secure in the future.


Taken from “ 365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker





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