Which art in heaven

Matthew 6:9

In God I live and more and have my being.  In me God lives and moves and has expression.  All that God is, I am.  All that God is, is where I am, for this world is heaven when I see it rightly. I cannot escape God and, therefore, I cannot escape my good.  There is a Divine Inevitableness to my life.  I cannot be held in limitation, for my Divine Self impels me to right solutions.  No error can long endure, for God alone lives forevermore.

Established in the conviction that God is my only experience, I am now open to Spiritual Ideas.  I welcome them, for they reveal to me the true riches of the Kingdom of Heaven.  I enjoy every attempt to solve my problems through right thinking, for I know I am developing spiritually.  I know that my thinking is based on Truth and that all doors are open to me, and that all limitations have ceased.  I know this because every prophet, savior, teacher and Bible has assured me that it is so.

The God which has inspired every great individual, is the same God who is the true essence of my consciousness.  One Mind rules and governs all.  This Mind in me is authority over all that is unlike Itself. Evil is erased by my recognition of the Power and the Presence of God.  I walk with the great, the true and the mighty.  Before me is the pathway of greatness.

Today, I have faith in God’s universe; His heaven is my present abode.  Unto me is given the fullness of Truth, the everlasting Joy and the Hope eternal.  I am a true citizen of the Kingdom of God, and I am established in His righteousness.  I accomplish great things today.


Taken from “ 365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker





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