Our Father   

Matthew 6:9

One God, one Presence, one Mind, one Law and this is my divine heritage, for It created me out of Itself.  All this surrounds me, dwells in me and acts through me.  “I stand in the Great Forever, I live in the ocean of Truth.”  I am the beloved Son of the Father, and I do that which pleases Him today.  With eyes uplifted unto the hills of Truth, I walk my pathway in wisdom and love.

I have Divine Integrity.  I know that with His Wisdom inspiring me I can never make a mistake.  The world cannot fool me, and my fellowman cannot confuse me.  I am a Spiritual Being in a Spiritual experience right now.  Ideas are coming to me at every instant, and they offer me a greater portion of life than I now have.  I accept them, and increase my good.

Unto me is given the Truth, for all that the Father hath is mine.  God presents Himself to His universe by means of me.  “He that seeth me, seeth Him who sent me.”  I accept this Divine Inheritance and fulfill my true place in the Father’s plan.  I am the child of a King, who rules in grace and truth.  Knowing this, I dedicate my life to expressing the attributes of God.

I am an ever-unfolding expression of infinite Mind.  This Mind indwells me and leads me into health, prosperity and peace.  I let God think in my consciousness.  I let Divine Love be my expression and my joy.  I know that He who made me will never fail me.  I give thanks that I am a spiritual being living in God’s universe of order.  The benediction of the Almighty is upon me, and today is filled with good.


Taken from “ 365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker




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