Apr 14 2015My cup runneth over    Psalm 23:5

I alert my mind to every blessing in my life this day.  I know that I abide in the omnipresence of Good, and that round me on all sides God is pressing upon me as good.  “My cup runneth over.”  There is no limitation to the amount of God in my world, and I let this great Presence flood me with blessings.  Unlimited health is mine; uncountable prosperity is mine; peace is mine.

I drop out of my consciousness every contracting thought of limitation.  I know only the expanding truth of life, and I become a greater person, a rarer soul and a more loving companion today.  I know that God is blessing me now with His whole Spirit.  I have faith in the Christ that abides in me in fullness.  I have faith in the overflowing cup of truth, and I drink therefrom of the living waters, and I shall never thirst again.

The Holy Spirit of Life, Love and Wisdom is upsurging within me to make me a greater person.  Unto me there comes the guidance of a Mind supreme.  I know that more Good is within me than I can now sense and appreciate.  All that is of Truth pours Itself into my consciousness, and I freely accept all Its bounty.  The richness of the universe is mine to use and to enjoy.

Knowing that abundance is mine, I also know this for my friends, my co-workers and my family.  Theirs, also, is a cup that runneth over.  To them also is given Richness of the Spirit.  We are all living together in a spiritual universe that is forever showering us with blessings.  For all those blessings that appear on my pathway, I rejoice and give thanks.

Taken from “Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

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