Apr 13 2015Thou anointest my head with oil   Psalm 23:5

I am filled with the joy of living, for I know that I am created of the Spirit to express the Spirit.  Therefore, I am a channel for joy, and I let it flow from God through me into my world.  I am a radiating center of joyous activity, and today I offer this to my world.  My business is joyous; my home is joyous; my whole being is joyous.  I thank God for life and for the zest of living victoriously in His perfect universe.

My head is anointed with the joy of the Lord.  It flows through my body as healing.  It pours into my consciousness as unending inspiration.  I relax and let this inner Joy of the Spirit take over my life and all its affairs.  I rest in the assurance that this is my day of demonstration, for my heart is glad and my whole soul is at peace.  I am glad to be living in these times.

There is permanence to all good feelings when they are recognized as God in action.  The zest of living is mine, because I know that Life flows through me with a joyous purpose.  Within me is the Good Shepherd, the Christ, and He gives me joy that will not pass away.  I enjoy life, and I enjoy my relationships with people.  God brings me a happy experience through every person I meet.  I am glad to be alive as a spiritual being.

Thinking of God as the source on my joy, my way is now easy and my burden is light.  I know, as did Jesus, that “He that sent me is with me.”  Mind directs me, Love upholds me, Power acts through me.  Steadfastly thinking of Truth, I walk in life knowing that all things work together for my good.

Taken from “Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

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