He leadeth me beside the still waters

Psalm 23:2

I am poised and established in God’s perfect peace.  No longer can the world confuse me, for now I am secure in Truth.  This day I dedicate myself to peace, order and harmony.  I have faith that the action of God in my mind is one of peace.  I truly know the “still waters” that are deep within me, and I am refreshed as I draw from them.

In the midst of me is the stillness of God, where all ideas await my acceptance.  Calmly and quietly I take from this inner Spirit of good.  God’s healing peace flows through me as I accept it, and I am healed.  I feel this inner peace, not only in my body, but flowing through my mind.  I know that whoever contacts me senses this peace, and knows that it is from God.  I have peace in my life this day, and I give peace to my world this day.

There is nothing to disrupt, confuse or annoy.  Order reigns in my experience, and Law brings forth my every thought.  The Holy Spirit of Right Action dominates my thinking, and I am poised in perfect results.  No matter what tries to disturb me, I see it as nothing.  I am Peace, and I radiate Peace.  My subconscious accepts this demand I make upon it, and brings it forth.

Nothing can enter my experience except those situations which bring me peace.  Everyone offers me peace, and I accept it.  Every word spoken to me is peaceful, and every word I speak brings healing to my fellowman.  I think rightly and peacefully about all whom I know, and thus they, too, are led “beside the still waters” for my thought enriches their lives with peace.  Peace, being the action of God, is omnipotent in my world today.


Taken from “Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker


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