Sermon Series: Spiritual Solutions for a Human Crisis
Lesson Sermon by Rev. Sheree Thompson

Sermon Title: Wake Up! You’re Not on Fire!
Scripture: 1 King 18:41-46

“Sometimes you have to be aggressive about finding a way to be courageous, and not believing what your physical picture may be demanding you accept as real. Like if someone came into the room, and they were sleepwalking, and they were screaming that their feathers were on fire, what would you do? You have to find a way to wake them up, because they don’t have feathers, and so they’re not on fire.” Val Kilmer

POINT #1: There is just one truth and one lie. 
TRUTH: You are one with God.
LIE: You believe you are separate and apart from God.

POINT #2: You are the thinker that thinks the thoughts that create the things.

POINT #3: PARENT THOUGHT: Deep-seated lie that you believe to be true.

POINT #4: MASTER THOUGHTS: Your God thoughts. The thoughts that reflect the truth about God.

POINT #5: Spiritual masters don’t experience fight or flight. Spiritual masters transcend.

How to Win the Battle:
1 – Find the God in it. – Understand how the creative law works
2 – Identify with the God in it. See God only. – For the correct mental image
3 – Speak the word of truth, even if you don’t believe yet. – Release your image to God

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