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Sermon Title: God Has Your Back

Key Scripture:

Psalm 23:1 “The LORD is my shepherd. I lack nothing.”

Sermon Thesis:

Your connection to the field of potentiality provides accurate and unlimited guidance, every time, all the time.

Key Points

POINT #1: The purpose of the conscious phase of mind is to identify problems and formulate goals.

– Stay in your lane: teach your conscious mind to stay in it lane

– Harmony results when everyone plays their part. Story of learning that on a film, the right people have to do the right things in order for things to flow smoothly.

– The conscious mind is ill-equipped to draw a sound conclusion because it only sees as far as you have gone. Only the superconscious and subconscious minds, working in tandem can see farther than your present circumstances.

POINT #2: Take your inner guidance off the “do not call” list.

– We forget to ask for help.

– We think it’s weak to ask for help.

– We don’t know that we can ask for help.

– We don’t feel worthy of help.

– We don’t know what help to ask for.

POINT #3: Try the Spirit!

– Pick a problem.

– Ask Spirit.

– Set a deadline.

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