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Conquering the Seven Deadly Sins

Sermon Title

You Choose: Create Your World with the Light or with Lust

Guiding Scripture

But I tell you if you look at another woman and want her, you are already unfaithful in your thoughts.

Matthew 5:28

Sermon Points

*Sense consciousness is a mental state formed from believing in and acting through the senses.

*Anytime you or I turn away from our indwelling God, the Being, Spirit, we have begun the process of dying.

*When we commit the sin of lust, we well may come to a “prodigal son” experience…eating slop with the pigs in the midst of a famine. Indeed, that is a dying experience.


Step 1: Recognize what you are – a spiritual being – in a human costume. You are a spiritual being governed by spiritual laws.

Step 2: Develop your relationship with the best part of you – with your indwelling God, your Source. The best relationship is developed by some good communication. Communication is a two way street. Too often, we talk, talk, talk to God. But we must listen, listen, listen. Yes, it’s called meditation – do it! Without a developed relationship, trust is nearly impossible. And, that is the key for us not to avoid committing the deadly sin of lust.

Step 3: Know that sometimes as you avoid committing the sin of lust, people may think you’re crazy. Why? The facts, the circumstances, may suggest one behavior, while God is directing another. What’s your choice?

Step 4: Intentionally call on the Christ to activate your twelve powers, with a focus on faith, to truly believe that while sense consciousness sometimes seems to offer so much, it delivers so little.

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