Sunday Worship Experience – November 22, 2020

Guest Speaker

Rev. Gaylon McDowell []

Join Speaker Meet & Greet

[NOV 22nd 2:30PM Pacific]:

Sermon Title

I Have the Power!

Sermon Notes

The Reverend Gaylon McDowell is the Executive Minister and Senior Assistant Minister at Christ Universal Temple in Chicago, Illinois. He is the host of the podcast “Truth Transforms” on Unity Online Radio, a program that provides New Thought lessons and insightful interviews to help people live better lives.

Rev. McDowell is an ordained minister, licensed teacher, and 2nd Vice-President on the board of directors for the Universal Foundation for Better Living. He has been on the Johnnie Colemon Institute’s teaching faculty since 1997, where he now serves as the director. He is also a success and life coach.

Rev. McDowell is known as the “Hardcore Metaphysician” because of his passionate and powerful presentation of New Thought. He is a regular contributor to the Science of Mind Magazine, along with helping with projects for Unity, the Universal Foundation for Better Living and the International New Thought Alliance.

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