SEPTEMBER 16      


All is the effect of all, one universal Essence.

Brihad Aranyaka Upanishad

Jesus, in utmost simplicity, proclaimed in the ecstasy of his illumination, “I and the Father are one.”  What do you suppose would happen if you believed this, not as a mere intellectual concept, but with deep inward feeling and an expanding sense of its meaning?  Would you not sell all that you possess for this single pearl of utmost worth, this drop of water taken from the ocean of being, this mountaintop of revelation?  If the wisest man who ever lived proclaimed this truth, should you not accept it, simply, directly, sincerely?

Perhaps this seems too good to be true, and yet, all nature is a living example, a continuous reminder, that there is a Spirit animating everything, a Presence diffused, a Law governing, a Unity sustaining, a co-ordinating Will binding all together, a unifying Principle holding everything in place.  Say:

I cleanse the windows of my mind, that it may become a mirror reflecting inspiration from the most High.

Today I walk in the pathway of inspiration.

There is an inspiration within me which governs every act, every thought, with certainty, with conviction and in peace.

The key that unlocks the treasures of the kingdom of good is in my hand.

I unlock the doorway of my consciousness and gently open it that the Divine Presence may flood my whole being with light, illumine me with Its radiant glow and direct my footsteps into pathways of peace and joy.

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