So likewise thou in all thy speech Swerve never from the path of truth.

Buddhism in Translations

You are either attracting or repelling in accord with your mental attitudes.  You are either identifying yourself with lack or with abundance, with love and friendship or with indifference.  You cannot keep from attracting into your experience that which corresponds to the sum total of your states of consciousness.  This law of attraction and repulsion works automatically.  It is like the law of reflection – the reflection corresponds to the image held before a mirror.  Your life is a mirror peopled with the forms of your own acceptance.

How careful, then, you should guard your thoughts, not only seeing to it that you keep them from doubt and fear – accepting only the good – but, equally, you should consciously repel every thought which denies that good.  Say:

I know that my word penetrates any unbelief in my mind, casts out fear, removes doubt, clears away obstacles, permitting that which is enduring, perfect and true to be realized.

I have complete faith and acceptance that all the statements I make will be carried out as I have believed.

I do everything with a sense of reliance upon the Law of Good, therefore, I know that my word shall not return unto me void.

I accept this word and rejoice in it.

I expect complete and perfect results from it.

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