The perfect man is spirit-like. Great lakes might be boiling about him, and he would not feel their heat; the Ho and the Han might be frozen up, and he would not feel  the cold; the hurrying thunderbolts might split the mountains,  and the wind shake the ocean, without being able to make him afraid.


Everything in nature is an individualization of one co-ordinating Life, one law of being and one Presence.  But our minds have become so filled with that which contradicts this that even the Truth has to await our recognition.  You must learn to become consciously aware of the Divine Presence and the Divine Power, the wholeness of Truth, of Love, of Reason and of a sound mind to dwell on peace and joy.  Know that the power of the invisible Spirit is working in and through you now, at this very moment.  Lay hold of this realization with complete certainty.  Say:

I know that I am a perfect being now, living under perfect conditions today.

Knowing that good alone is real, I know that there is one Power which acts and reacts in my experience, in my body and in my thought.

I know that good alone has power either to act or react.

I know that this recognition establishes the law of harmony in my experience, the law of prosperity, a sense of happiness, peace, health and joy.

Today I hold a communion with this invisible Presence which peoples the world with the manifestation of Its life, Its light and Its love.

I withdraw the veil which hides my real self and draw close to the Spirit in everything and in everyone.

I accept everything that belongs to this Spirit.

I claim everything that partakes of Its nature.

Taken from “365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

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