Heaven, Earth, and I were produced together, and all things and I are one.

Kwang – Tze

Peace must exist at the center of everything or the universe itself would be a chaos.  You already know this and believe it, now you are going to act upon it.  You are not going to believe in it, you are going to act as though it were true.  There is peace at the center of your being – a peace that can be felt throughout the day and in the cool of the evening when you have turned from your labor and the first star shines in the soft light of the sky. It broods over the earth quietly, tenderly, as a mother watches over her child.  Say:

In this peace that holds me so gently I find strength and protection from all fear or anxiety.

It is the peace of God in which I feel the love of a Holy Presence.

I am so conscious of this love, this protection, that every sense of fear slips away from me as mist fades in the morning light.

I see good in everything, God personified in all people, Life manifest in every event.

Spirit is not separate from persons or events; I see that It unites everything with Itself, vitalizing all with the energy of Its own being, creating everything through Its own divine imagination, surrounding everything with peace and quiet and calm.

I am one with this deep, abiding peace.

I know that all is well.


Taken from “365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker



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