sep-22-2015Today you are to identify yourself with the more abundant life, to think on those things which make for peace, to dwell on the unity which underlies everything.  As you poise yourself in the realization that you live in pure Spirit, new power will be born within you.  You will find yourself renewed by the Divine Life, led by Divine intelligence and guarded by Divine love.  Focus your inward vision on this indwelling harmony, knowing that as you contemplate its perfection you will see it manifest in everything you do.


Realizing that the Spirit within me is God, the living Spirit Almighty, being fully conscious of this Divine Presence as the sustaining Principle of my life, I open my thought to Its influx; I open my consciousness to Its outpouring.

I know and understand that Good alone is real.

I know that I am drawing into my experience today, and every day, an ever-increasing measure of truth and beauty, of goodness and harmony.

Everything I do, say and think is quickened into right action, into productive action, into increased action.

My invisible good already exists; my faith drawing upon this invisible good, causes that which was unseen to become visible.

All there is, is mine NOW; all there ever was or ever can be, is mine NOW.

Taken from “Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker


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