Yea, thou shalt not find any variableness in the way of God.

The Koran

Faith is a mental attitude.  A certain man came to Jesus, and, from the inspiration of his hope and the enthusiasm of the occasion, standing in the light of one whose wick of life was ever kept trimmed and burning, feeling the warmth and color of its eternal glow, exclaimed, “I believe!”  This was a simple, sincere and enthusiastic response to the consciousness of one who had faith.  But no sooner had he exclaimed, “I believe!” out of the enthusiasm of his will to believe, than old thought patterns arose to block his faith and he said, “Help thou mine unbelief.”

Faith then is more than an objective statement.  Perfect faith cannot exist while there are subjective contradictions that deny the affirmation of the lips.  It is only when the intellect is no longer obstructed by negative reactions arising from experiences of doubt and fear that the words of the mouth can immediately bear fruit.


I believe with a deep inward calm that my word of faith is the execution of spiritual Law in my life.

I have absolute reliance upon the Law of Good.

I believe that the Law of Good will bring everything desirable into my experience.

Today I proclaim my Divine inheritance.

I am rich with the richness of God; I am strong with the power of God; I am guided by the wisdom of God.

I am held in the goodness of God, today.


Taken from “365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

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