sep-15-2015It has been written that Christ is your redeemer, also, that Christ is in you.   You have been told that your redemption is at hand.  You have been told to awake that Christ may give you light – Christ in you, the hope of your glory.  All people are sons of God but only a few have completely recognized this.  You have decided to live as though this were true.  A deep and abiding faith has come to you.  Therefore, you are fortunate among humanity – not that God has favored you above others; rather, you have chosen this path and you are going to walk in it.

Realizing that you may, in ignorance have been using the power of your mind negatively, you are not going to condemn yourself or anyone else because of this.  If the light has come, the thing to do is to use it, forgetting the darkness.  How can darkness have power over light?  Say:

Today I realize that my good is at hand.

Today I know that my Redeemer liveth in me.

He is within me, now, today, this very moment, in this breath I draw, in the eternal now and the everlasting here.

The Spirit within me refreshes me.

I am saturated with the essence of Life.

My body is a vehicle of Its expression, my mind Its instrument.

Today I shall endeavor to feel this Presence as a living reality in my life.

I shall see Him everywhere.

Taken from “Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

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