He discovereth deep things out of darkness, and bringeth out to light the shadow of death.

Job 12:22

There is a spiritual body which cannot deteriorate.  This spiritual body is already within you.  As much of it appears as is recognized.  Spiritual perfection always responds to man’s consciousness but it can respond only in such degree as he becomes aware of it.  It is because this inward perfection is so insistent that you maintain a physical body, but because you are an individual with volition, you can, as it were, hang a curtain between your physical life and its spiritual cause.

Spiritual realization helps to withdraw this curtain.  Every statement you make about your body, or belief you hold about it, with deep feeling which causes the mind to accept Spirit as the substance of the body, tends to heal.  Say:

I realize that there is a Divine Presence at the center of my being.

I let this recognition flow through my entire consciousness.

I let it reach down into the very depths of my being.

I rejoice in this realization.

I am now made vigorous and whole.

I possess the vitality of the Infinite.

I am strong and well.

Every breath I draw is a breath of perfection, vitalizing, up-building and renewing every cell of my body.

I am born of the Spirit.

I am in the Spirit.

I am the Spirit made manifest.

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