If they obey and serve him, they shall spend their days in prosperity, and their years in pleasure.  Job 36:11

oct-21-2015Prosperity is the result of a mental atmosphere of faith and order induced within us through right thinking.  We should believe that the universe is planned for abundance, and that we as a living part of the Universal Intelligence have a share in the general riches.  Lack of supply to meet our needs is an indication of lack of spiritual development.  The more we understand ourselves as spiritual beings living in a spiritual universe the more that supply flows to us easily and naturally.  The disciplined mind can demonstrate prosperity, for it has provided the orderly channels necessary for it.  A disorderly mind usually has financial troubles as a result of its scattered thinking. We know that man’s mind is God’s mind in action, and we know that the Divine Mind is always orderly in its processes.  Jesus stated that as “first the blade, and then the ear, and then the full corn on the ear.” He knew that we have to provide a mental atmosphere of order and harmony in which the living ideas can grow.

I live in a world that is filled with God’s abundance, and I now claim this as my own.  The riches of the universe are open to me, and I partake of them in wisdom and joy.  All my affairs are under the law of prosperity.  Increased good flows to me from all directions and through all people.  There is no lack in my consciousness, for God’s ideas fill my thought and all is richness and opulence.  I am orderly in all my ways.  I am loving, kind and gracious.  I speak this day in terms of abundance.  I expect increased prosperity to take place in my world, for I know that God’s activity is alive in my affairs.  I now give thanks that the riches of God are mine to use and to enjoy in right ways.

Taken from “Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker


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