Are not the friends of God, those on whom no fear shall come, nor shall they be put to grief?

The Koran

Today my heart is without fear, for I have implicit confidence in the good, the enduring and the true. Fear is the only thing of which to be afraid.  It is not the host encamped against us, nor the confusion around us, that we need to fear; it is the lack of confidence in the good alone which should concern us. Through inner spiritual vision, we know that evil is transitory, but good is permanent.  We know that right finally dissolves everything opposed to it.  The power of Spirit is supreme over every antagonist.  Therefore, we should cherish no fear, and when we neither fear nor hate, we come to understand the unity of life.

I put my whole trust in God.  I know that the Spirit will gently lead me and wisely counsel me. I know that the love which envelops everything flows through me to everyone, and with it there goes a confidence, a sense of joy and freedom, a buoyant enthusiasm for living, a zest for life. “For all thy ways are ways of pleasantness, and all thy paths are peace.”

I realize that fear is not Godlike, since it contradicts the Divine Presence, repudiates limitless Love and denies infinite Good.  Therefore, I know that fear is a lie, a fraud.  It is neither person, place nor thing; it is merely an impostor that I have believed in.  I have entertained it so long that it seems as if it really were something, and it attempts to make me believe that two and two are seven, that the earth is flat and that God is limited.  Today I repudiate all fear.  I renounce the belief in evil.  I enter into conscious union with the Spirit.  I accept the good as supreme, positive and absolute.  With joy I enter into the activities of the day, without regret I remember the events of yesterday, and with confidence I look forward to tomorrow, for today my heart is without fear.

Taken from “Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

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