The first step that the soul of the faithful man made, placed him in the Good Thought Paradise;  The second step that the soul of the faithful man made, placed him in the Good Word Paradise; The third step that the soul of the faithful man made; placed him in the Good Deed Paradise.

The Zend-Avesta

Since thought is a definite, dynamic, creative, consciously directed and intelligent energy, then I know that a thought of Truth will definitely neutralize a negative argument.  I am on guard to protect my own word by knowing that it is the activity of Spirit through me and as such cannot be denied.  In effective prayer, I realize that a Power greater than I am consciously acts with creative intelligence upon my word.  In this way, I free myself from a sense of personal responsibility, while, at the same time, remaining aware that even spiritual laws must be definitely used, if they are to provide tangible results in my experience.

Believing that there is one Divine Intelligence that governs everything, I affirm that this Intelligence is acting in my mind, causing me to know what is best and to do what is best. I open my mind to new thoughts, new ideas.  And I know that as I do this new experience shall come to me.

I seek to believe with absolute conviction that my word will not return unto me void, and I do this when I realize that spiritual laws execute themselves, just as do others laws of nature.  I know that my word penetrates every unbelief in my mind, casts out all fear, removes all doubt, clears away every obstacle, and permits that which is enduring, perfect and true to be perceived by my mind.

I provide faith, acceptance, and a joyous expectancy that all the statements that I make in my prayers or treatments are not only true but that they will be carried out as I have spoken.  As my work is done with this sense of reliance upon the Law of Good, I know that my word shall not return unto me void but shall accomplish that whereunto it is sent.”


Taken from “Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker



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