Despise no man and deem nothing impossible; every man hath his hour and everything its place.

The Talmud

I believe that no matter what the experience through which I am going, good will come out if it.  I believe that all poverty will be turned into riches; that all fear will be converted into faith. I believe that good finally will triumph over every evil and love will heal all hate.  I believe that I have a silent partnership with the Invisible; that this partnership has never dissolved and never can be.  I believe in the invisible Presence of Good in a universe peopled with perfect and eternal entities.  I believe that all things are possible to him who does believe.

Knowing that the law of God is a law of love, and knowing that the law of love is a law of liberty, I see freedom, joy, happiness, peace and wholeness in everything I look at.  I respond to the Divine calm which is at the center of everything.  Knowing that perfect love casteth out all fear, I am strong and confident because I know that the Law of Good goes with me and prepares the way before me.

I have complete confidence in my knowledge and understanding of the Law of Good. I not only know what is the Law, I know how to use It. I know that I shall obtain definite results through the use of It. I realize that doubts about my ability to use the Law are things of thought.  What thought has produced, thought can change.  Knowing this, having confidence in my ability to use the Law, and using It daily for specific purposes, gradually I build up an unshakable faith, both in the Law and possibility of demonstrating It.  There is no doubt in me, no uncertainty rising through me.  My mind rejoices in certainty and in assurance.  I confidently expect that my word shall not return unto me void.

Taken from “Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

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