There is nothing impossible of attainment by persons of virtuous behavior.

The Mahabharta

I have within myself, as I sit here, the sense that though my body is real, tangible, with definite form and outline, it is at the same time somehow made of a living stuff which is saturated with God-Life.   I know that whatever the stuff is of which my body is made, though it is called material, it must really be made of the One Stuff and Essence of which all things are made.  Therefore, I sense within the very cells and tissues of my body an Eternality.

Realizing that the Spirit within me is God, the Living Spirit Almighty, being fully conscious of this Divine Presence as the sustaining Principle of my life, I open my thought to Its influx. I open my consciousness to Its outpouring.  I let that Mind be in me which was also in Christ Jesus.  That is the Mind of Truth, the Mind of God, carrying with It all the power of the Infinite.

I am now inviting the Spirit within me to flood my mind with its wholeness, to bring warmth and color and feeling and love into everything I do, say and think. I believe that at the very center of my being there is the man whom God has made, a perfect man.  Therefore, I lay aside all fear, all doubt, all misunderstanding, all uncertainty.  I know that Life has need of me or it would not have put me here.

I know and understand that Good alone is real.  I know that silently I am drawing into my experience today and every day, an ever increasing measure of truth and beauty, of goodness, of harmony.  Everything I do, say and think is quickened into right action, into productive action, into increased action.  My invisible good already exists.  My faith, drawing upon this invisible good, causes that which was unseen to become visible.  All there is, is mine now; all there ever was or ever can be, is mine now.

Taken from “Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

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