Not to be separate from his primal source constitutes what we call the Heavenly man; not to be separate from the essential nature thereof constitutes what we call the Spirit-like man; not to be separate from its real truth constitutes what we call the Perfect man.

The Texts of Taoism

It has been written that Christ is the Redeemer; also that Christ is in us.  We have been told that our redemption is at hand.  We have been told to awake and that Christ will give us light.  Therefore, I conclude that my redeemer lives and is now acting through me.  Why, then, is not my redemption at hand?  It is, but I have failed to see it.  Can it be possible that I am using the Creative Power to produce the very limitation from which I so earnestly seek to extricate myself?  Undoubtedly, this is true.  There are not two powers; there is but One Power.

Today I realize that life is truly a mirror of king and slave.  Today I realize that my redemption is at hand.  The Spirit within me refreshes me daily.  I feel myself saturated with the Life Essence Itself; I feel the same Life Essence flowing in and through me.  I feel myself to be a perfect instrument in Life’s divine symphony, in tune with its harmony and perfection.  My body is an instrument in, through and upon which Life plays a divine and perfect harmony.  I am not going out in search of another power but am going to use the Power which I know already possesses eternity and is already at the center of my own life.  I know that this will heal every condition, overcome every obstacle, break down every barrier, and free me from every false condition.  My redemption is already at hand.

I look confidently into the future.  I see new friendships, new opportunities.  Everything in my experience is renewed.  Everything is made glad and happy and whole.  As I turn to the world around me, I see this same good evenly distributed everywhere, and operating through all people.


Taken from “Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker



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