The Tao cannot be heard; what can be heard is not It.  The Tao cannot be seen; what can be seen is not It.

The Texts of Taoism

The Chinese tell us that Tao (meaning Spirit) produces everything, nourishes everything and maintains everything.  It spreads itself over everything.  It flows through everything and is in all things.  Indeed, being all that is, there can be nothing outside It.  There is a mystical Presence which pervades the Universe, and this Presence, welling up in our consciousness, evermore proclaims Itself as the source and root of all.  The enlightened of the ages have told us that it is this God within us that recognizes Itself, or Himself, in everything we are.

I know that as there is One Mind, and that Mind is God and that mind is my mind, so also there is one Body, that Body is spiritual and that Body is my body.  Every organ, every function, every action and reaction of my body is in harmony with the Divine Creative Spirit.  I have both “the mind of Christ” and the Body of God.  I could not ask for more and greater could not be given.  I now seek to realize the spiritual significance of the One Mind and the One Body.

Every function, organ and cell of my body responds to the magnetic pull of wholeness, of unlimited energy, of prefect life.  As my thoughts are so put in order, all fear, doubt and uncertainty are banished into nothingness.

I live in the One Mind and act through the One Body, in accord with divine harmony, perfection and poise.  Every organ of my body moves in accord with perfect harmony.  The Divine circulates through me automatically, spontaneously and perfectly.  Every atom of my being is animated by the Divine Perfection.


Taken from “Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker



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