And as He thinketh all things manifest, He manifests through all things and in all, and most of all in whatsoever things He wills to manifest.

Thrice-Greatest Hermes

All laws are laws of God.  Whatever Reality is, Its nature is One.  If I wish to demonstrate my good I must faithfully and fervently declare that the Law of the Lord is perfect and that this Law is operating in my experience now.  I believe that it is the nature of thought to externalize itself, to bring about conditions which exactly correspond to the thought. Therefore, I turn resolutely from every sense of lack, want and limitation, and declare the perfect Law, knowing that even though I am dealing with an invisible Principle it will be made manifest in my experience.

Therefore, today I declare that the Law of the Lord is perfect in everything I do.  It will externalize happiness; it will bring every good thing to me.  Today I am inwardly aware that there is a secret way of the soul, there is a secret pathway of peace, there is an invisible Presence forever externalizing itself for me and through me.  Today I believe in Divine Guidance.  Today I believe that underneath are the everlasting arms.  Today I rest in this divine assurance and this divine security.  I know that not only all is well with my soul, my spirit and my mind; all is well with my affairs.

I sincerely believe that there is a Divine Presence and a Law of Good which attracts every person and everything to me, that belongs to me, and which, flowing through me, reaches out to everything in my life with love, with consideration, in joy and gladness.


Taken from “Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker




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