Therefore it is clear that Ignorance can only be removed by wisdom.

Raja Yoga Philosophy

I know that there is but One Power in the universe, and that Power is God.  That Power manifests in and through all form, all people, all conditions, and so is at the very center of my being.  This Power is Life itself, and Its nature is Love – All-Good.  I know that just as light dissipates darkness, just as heat warms the atmosphere, so a consciousness of good overcomes the negation of evil (hate), dissipates it, obliterates it, blots it out.

I refuse to think of hate or any negation as a power and I know that it will flee from me. Its dissolution is its flight – it disappears.  Hate cannot exist where love is recognized and knowing that good alone is real, I turn the searchlight of Eternal Truth upon every so-called evil in my experience, and these dark places of imagination are instantly dissolved into light.  The dissolution of evil is complete; the manifestation of good is perfect.  I know that Love protects Its own, and now makes it clear the way before me, eliminating everything that looked like hate.  I am guided into an ever-widening unfoldment of being, and my every thought, feeling and act is an expression of the God Nature – Love – through me. Continuously I overcome hate with love.

So I give back into the great and divine Presence that which it has given to me, knowing that the gift will again be returned, but multiplied.  So shall peace and joy come as a light from heaven, and in that light I walk.



Taken from “ 365 Days of Richer Living”  by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker




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