MAY 17    


The Spirit of God hath made me, and the breath of the Almighty hath given me life.    Job 33: 4

Man is a spirit but he seldom recognizes this greatest of all truths about himself.  Seldom does he invite the Spirit into his mind or open all the doorways of his thought in complete acceptance.  The Bible tells us to let that mind be in us which was in Christ, which, of course, is the Mind of God and the invisible Guest in every person.

I know that this invisible Guest within me, the Angel of God’s Presence, is counseling me wisely, leading me unerringly, directing my thoughts and actions in harmony, in peace, in poise, in love and in co-operation.  Because God cannot fail, and because the Divine Presence within me is God as my real self, I know that there is a Power flowing through my word of faith which makes straight the way before me.  I know that the great Giver of life is giving through me that gift which is gladly made and which returns multiplied, only to go out again to increase its blessing and to multiply its own good as it blesses others.

I know there is a Presence that came with me when I entered this life, and I know that this same Presence will go with me when I leave this physical form, for it is the Presence of Eternal Life, the Life that cannot die.  I have no fear of the past, the present or the future, for I am living today as though God really were all-in-all, over all and through all.  I feel this Presence in love, life and goodness.  I feel It in action, power and certainty.  It is with me today, making my life whole and complete.

Taken from “Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

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