May 15 2015The Lord is my shepherd … He restoreth my soul … Psalm 23: 1, 2

As we take this thought for our meditation today: “The Lord is my shepherd … He restoreth my soul,” let us feel that we are one with the Divine Presence; and enter into conscious communion with It.  This is affirmative prayer and spiritual meditation.  It is through spiritual meditation that we reach out, or in, to that Divine Presence which fills all space and also finds its dwelling place in the sanctuary of our own hearts.

“The Lord is my shepherd … He restoreth my soul.” Believing that God is everywhere, and knowing that the Divine Life can and does restore my soul, I now affirm and deeply accept Divine Guidance. I believe that I am sustained by an infinite Power, guided by an infinite Intelligence and guarded by an infinite Love.  I feel this Presence in, around and through me, and through all people.  There is a Power greater than I am upon which I may rely.  I am relying on this Power and I am letting Its Intelligence govern and guide me.  I am fully aware of Divine Love and Protection.

I lay aside every doubt or fear and gladly enter into a newness of life.  I do believe that the Lord is my Shepherd.  I do believe that He restoreth my soul.  I am lovingly aware that the Divine Presence is not only close to me, It is not only right where I am; It is also within me and what I am.  It is this inner “I am,” this Spirit of God within me and what I am.  It is this inner “I Am,” this Spirit of God within me that is my Shepherd.  I not only shall not want – my cup shall run over.  A table is prepared before me.  This is the table that God has spread and I gratefully acknowledge this Divine Bounty, this Feast of Life.  For God’s abundance is my abundance, His good is my good, and His Life is my life now.

Taken from “Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

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