MAY 12   


… thou shalt rejoice … in all that thou puttest thine hands unto:   

Deuteronomy 12:18

Affirmative prayer means that we clear the mind of all doubt and fear and turn in faith to the great Giver of life.  It means that we become aware of the Presence of God within and around us, here and now.  It means that we affirm this Presence and accept It, quietly, calmly and peacefully, in all its fullness.

 I now let go of every anxious thought.  I now surrender any doubt or fear into the great heart of Love.  I look out upon the world and say:  “This is my world because it is God’s world.”  I think of all people: “These are my friends because they live and more and have their being in the Father of us all.” I now receive confidence and inspiration from the Source of all life.  I believe that Love is guiding me.  I believe there is a Divine Power that goes before me and makes perfect my ways in joy and happiness.  I believe this Power is flowing through me to the joy and happiness of those around me.

I have a faith, a conviction, and assurance at the center of my being.  I have a Friend within me who knows all my needs.  I accept the Kingdom which God has given.  I accept the life which He has implanted in me, and this life reaches out to everything around me, in joy and gladness, with the blessed assurance that all is well.  Believing that God is Love, I affirm that there is nothing in me that could hurt or harm or hinder those around me from entering into the fullness of their own joy, into the completeness of their own self-expression, into the perfection of their own being.

Taken from “Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

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