MARCH 13   


… my judgment is just; because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me.  John 5:30  

Jesus, the greatest of all the illumined, said, “Judge not that ye be not judged,” by which he meant that we cannot judge others harshly without receiving back into our own consciousness and experience the very things we claim for others.  While Jesus was the most compassionate of all men, he was also the most just, for he knew that our lives are governed by an exact and immutable law of cause and effect.  He knew, and we all must learn, that it is impossible to wish something for someone else without at the same time willing it for ourselves.  If we all were to follow this rule we should become kinder, if only for the purpose of self-preservation and personal happiness, for no one wishes to injure himself.  Always, then, we are placed in this position – we dare not wish anything for anyone that we would be unwilling to accept for ourselves.  If everyone were to live by this rule there would be no injustice in the world.

Infinite Spirit within me, which is God, cause me to think and act kindly; constrain my mind to gentleness and peace; guide my thoughts into loving kindness and eternal forgiveness, and cause me in all my ways to follow the path of truth and justice.  I judge no man and am judged by none.  It is my sincere desire that everything I do or say or think shall come into harmony with universal truth and peace, with love and joy.  Consciously I let go of everything that is unkind and seek to so enter into communion with the Eternal Spirit that I shall reflect to my environment and manifest in all that I do, the spirit of kindness, of justice and compassion. 

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