Mar 09 2015And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us… Psalm 90:17

I believe it was Plato who said that God is love, truth and beauty.  It has always seemed wonderful to me that one of the world’s greatest thinkers should have included beauty as a necessary part of the Divine nature.  How evident this beauty is everywhere we look!  How wonderful is the landscape, the sunset or the color of the desert at dawn. How beautiful is the daffodil in its sweet simplicity.  And what majestic beauty and strength in the mountain and the wave.  Everything is rooted in beauty.  Beauty is harmony and right proportion.  It is symmetry and charm and grace and loveliness.  Surely we should identify ourselves with this terrific beauty that pours its warmth and color over everything and seems to be at the very root of our being.

Recognizing beauty in everything and knowing that God is the very essence of this beauty, I include myself, my personality, my individuality, my whole being, in this beauty.  I am some part of an infinite harmony, a terrific loveliness, a universal flow of warmth and color and givingness.  I claim all this as my own, not because of any particular merits I personally possess, but rather, because of the necessity of its being true.  I shall no longer think of myself as separate from this beauty or different from it.  Therefore today, to law, to order, to love, to power, I shall add this other thought – Divine Beauty is everywhere.  In this beauty I am beautiful.  In this infinite warmth and color I live and have my being.  Its beauty flows through every act, its charm and grace manifest in every movement, in every thought, imparting itself in love to everyone I meet.  Today I see beauty in others – the charm, the grace, the presence of the living Spirit.

Taken from “Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

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