MARCH 31   


Thou hast made known to me the ways of life; thou shalt make me full of joy with thy countenance. 

Acts 2:28

Emerson says that prayer is the proclamation of a joyful and a beholding soul.  And throughout the Bible we find so many references to the joy of God and the gladness that we should have in His Presence.  How can we help being glad and filled with joy if we believe that the Presence and the Power back of everything is one perfect Life, forever giving of Itself, forever flowing through us in wondrous light and power.  Jesus said that if the multitude did not break forth in song, the very stones would be compelled to, by which he meant that all nature is alive and awake and aware with the Divine presence, and that all nature and everything in life responds to the song of the heart.

Therefore, today I am filled with joy.  Let every sense of depression or heaviness depart from my mind, and let my soul be lifted up in song to the Giver of all life and to the joy of living.  Joy shall accompany me like a companion and happiness shall be to me as a comrade.  There is a song in my heart, singing unto the Creator of all things, and there is an invisible chorus responding through everything in nature, through every person I meet, for today I am meeting everything with joy and happiness, with song and laughter, with the gladness of the heart.  I proclaim this day to be one of happiness, of gladness of the heart.  I proclaim this day to be one of happiness, of thanksgiving and of praise to the Most High God, to the Divine Presence that inhabits eternity and finds a dwelling place in my own soul.  Today I express joy and gratitude to this inner Presence, and this Presence in which I am enveloped is one living Spirit of color and responsiveness – my Father, in my heaven, and my Father in every other person’s heaven – the Author of joy, of peace and wholeness.

Taken from “ 365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

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