MARCH 17         


…one thing I know, that, whereas I was blind, now I see. 

John 9:25  

The ancients said that there is an “all-seeing eye” and that if we could cause our physical eyes to see with its vision we should be looking at things as they really are.  But is it not true that too often we see with a blurred vision because we are so confused mentally?  The all-seeing eye of God, by its very nature, being one and only, must forever see things as they really are.  This is why Jesus said to judge not according to appearances but to judge righteously.  We cannot expect to draw a pattern of this right seeing from the objective world of confusion or our inner thoughts of doubt and fear.  Therefore we are told to see and act according to “the pattern shewed to thee in the mount,” that is, we are to look and think independently of the confusion around us.  We are to view everything as we feel the Divine, Infinite and Perfect Being must know and understand Its own creation to be.  This is seeing with the eyes of God.

Today I am seeing with the eyes of the Divine.  I am looking at things in a perfect and direct way.  I am seeing through confusion to peace, through doubt to certainty, through fear to faith.  Quietly, then, I review myself, those around me, and  everything that occupies my attention, bringing to them all a broader vision, a deeper insight, a more complete perspective of the Infinite harmony which I know is back of, in and through everything that God has made.  I am keeping my eye single to this one truth – what God has done is good, therefore my experiences are good.  What God has created is wonderful; therefore I am surrounded with good.  In calm judgment, then, I sit quietly within myself and in my imagination look around and see everything according to the Divine Pattern.  As I do this everything I look upon shall become transformed and reborn.

Taken from “ 365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

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