MARCH 15   


The Father loveth the Son, and hath given all things into his hand. 

John 3:35

We all have need of many things.  We cannot believe that the Divine Spirit wishes to withhold any good from us.  It is the nature of God to give, and it is our nature to receive.  Back of every idea of supply, every need in our human lives, there is something which forever more gives of itself and takes the form of our experiences when we permit it to.  Whether it be a house to live in, money that we have need of, or employment that furnishes the gratification of adequate self-expression – always there is the Giver flowing into these things.  But the Divine has already given Its entire being to us.  God has not failed humanity.  But humanity has failed to accept the gift.  It has failed to enter into the spirit and the nature of the Giver.  It has even refused to believe that there is such a gift or such a Giver. How, then, can even God really give us what we refuse to accept?  This is why Jesus told us we must believe that we have really received the gift before we see its evidence.  This is an active faith but it should be a faith built on the sure knowledge, the certain foundation, the positive conviction, that there is something that responds to us, gladly, readily, willingly, joyously and without limit.

Today I am living in the quiet and joyous expectation of good.  God is not only my life; He is substance taking form in everything I do.  God is not only the Actor; He is acting through me now.  God is not only the Giver, He is also the gift.  This gift I receive in joy, with gratitude, and with a complete sense of security.  I expect everything I do to prosper.  I expect new and wonderful experiences to come to me.  I am living in complete confidence that the Kingdom of heaven is here and now that I am prospered in everything I do.

Taken from “ 365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

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