“The soul’s communication of truth is the highest event in nature, since it then does not give somewhat from itself, but it gives itself, and becomes that man whom it enlightens.”   


I accept the responsibility of being alive in God’s great universe.  Truth seeks to give Itself to me, and I open my mind to It.  I let down all the bars; I unlock all the gates of human wrong thinking.  I expect to have my consciousness flooded with inspiration as the Infinite Mind uses me as Its channel for expression.  I allow the Divine to enter and absorb me, I become the Divine incarnate.  This is what Jesus knew, and now I know it. He sensed his responsibility to so think, act and be that God would find no closed doors in his mind.  I shall do likewise.

I am the living expression of all that God is.  I am not a body using a mind – I am Spirit in complete authority over my world.  I am a receiver of Divine Inspiration, and a communicator of Divine Love.  The potential of a perfect life is given to me to use, and I develop it in fullness.  I am not hindered by myself, for no longer do I claim material infallibility.  I know that my senses may deceive me, my world may wrongly influence me, and only my own thinking determines my experience.  I give myself to the Truth, and the Truth sets me free from all previous wrong conclusions.

The One Mind is the source of my life.  Ideas are the beginning and end of demonstrations.  I see myself as a mental being in a universe of mind-action.  I declare the Truth and the Truth becomes my experience.  I receive and affirm God’s Ideas and they bless and prosper me.  My health is perfect because His Mind is perfect.  My affairs are in order, because Order is the way God works.  Prosperity cannot pass me by, for His ideas in action through me guarantee my abundance.  Every instant of this day is potent with God, and His unfailing inspiration is mine, and I accept it.


Taken from “Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker


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