Jun 14 2015“For the Maker of all things and all persons stands behind us and casts his dread omniscience through us over all things.”  Emerson

It is time that I definitely improve my life.  I have lingered too long with half-truths and alibis.  I am willing to face myself squarely and honestly.  Without true inspiration, I have made many mistakes, and I am weary of the hard work that my material thinking has caused me.  The Wisdom of the Infinite that is available to me is actually within me, and I now let It guide me into perfect ways.  I start an improvement program based on Spiritual Inspiration.  The universe is planned for everyone’s success, and I now expect mine.  God is backing me up, and there is no power to prevent my demonstration.

The One Mind acting in me is my source of ideas.  Divine Thinking impels me to right action and right decision.  He who created me abides in me and directs me.  From this inner point of true control and true direction, I look out at my problems and see their immediate solution.  I refuse to believe that I am blocked, delayed or frustrated.  God is all power, all wisdom and all action.  All of God is with me, and all of God is for me.  Knowing this, I cannot fail.  I rejoice in this new-found freedom of letting God do the work.  I rest in the Divine Action of the Law of Good.

Improvements appears on every hand, and I see a new day dawning.  The night of fear has passed, and the Light of God defines my pathway.  I anticipate this day to be a good one, and tomorrow to be even better.  I glory in my newly discovered abilities.  I appreciate every good impulse that the Divine mind delivers to me.  I hold my consciousness open to guidance.  In complete confidence I face each task and all impatience deserts me.  I find love and cooperation in all people, and I offer them only harmony and affection.  Heaven is where I am, and I enjoy Its perfect peace.  I accomplish all that I need to do with ease, for God indwells me as Mind.

Taken from “Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

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